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11 Mar 2015

Food Culture

In the digital space, nestled between selling food and making food is the culture of food. As marketers, it's important to keep the culture of food in the back of our minds because it is in
4 Feb 2015

Just be convenient

Convenience is a big driver for today’s shoppers. So marketing convenience stores should be easy, right? Unfortunately, the challenge for c-stores is that there are many ways to define convenience.
21 Jan 2015

Phoning it in

Today’s shoppers are rarely without their smartphones. This creates opportunities for marketers. Timely, convenient offers delivered to shoppers’ mobile devices in store can move more products from the shelf to the cart.
7 Jan 2015

Delicious Predictions for 2015

Just as time marches forward into a new year once again, consumer needs continue to shift. In 2015, we expect five core lifestyle demands to impact consumers approach food.
10 Dec 2014

Eat this. Burn fat!

As consumers become increasingly health conscious, food scientists are on a mission to make “exercise in a bottle” a reality. Fitness buffs, couch potatoes, and food marketers take note! Read more.
19 Nov 2014

Pillsbury Doughboy vs Chester Cheetah

Brands often personify themselves through mascots. These mascots personalities may vary, but they share the same job: to reflect the brand attributes. More importantly, they must appeal to the sensibilities of the brand’s target audience. Read
12 Nov 2014

The need for speed

Technology and new media have radically and quickly put the consumer in control of how they interact with advertising and what kind of relationship they demand from brands. Brands must adapt to this shift in power or
17 Sep 2014

Going Native: Part 2

It is difficult to assign a concise definition to the term native advertising. To understand what makes a digital ad a native ad, start by understanding the common elements and core types of native advertising. Read more.
3 Sep 2014

Going Native: Part 1

Native advertising is a chameleon, which is what makes most marketers love it and some consumers hate it. Is it possible for it to benefit both? Read more to find out.
6 Aug 2014

An appetite for selling

Not all food photography makes mouths water. Is yours as delicious as you would like it to be? Read more to find out how to create compelling images that make your product look its best.